Flower Play Sampler Series New Pattern


Flower Play Sampler Series New Pattern


Template included Approximately

15.5″ x 22″



Flower Play Sampler Series New Pattern

Are you looking for best flower play sampler series new pattern but you are confused that where to find best place to buy at cheap rate then you are here at the right place.

Wool application, embroidery + embroidery series is designed for creative people mind people. This example includes assembly instructions, trimming, and embroidery, which are recommended for three applications to obtain creative juices. Each sampler is equipped with a high-quality tracking template.

  • Collection of Wool Patterns Flower Series – Soupergo Sampling.
  • Size: 15-1 / 2 “x 22” Application of wool, layered + different embroidery that are creatively designed. The design includes design, assembly, cutting instructions and stitching suggestions for three applications that produce creative juices.
  • The list is only for reasons, not materials or consumables.
  • model in the sampler series is equipped with a high quality acrylic research model. Sewing instructions for embroidery require a creative sewing book (sold separately). 

I hope your all confusion is clear about best flower play sampler series new pattern features but you if you still any question then Contact Us.



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